Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Praise of Love

In Praise of Love
Alain Badiou, Serpents Tail  2012

Love without risk is an impossibility, like war without death. Caught between consumerism and casual sexual encounters devoid of passion, love today – without the key ingredient of chance – is in mortal danger. Alain Badiou proposes a vision of love as an adventure and an opportunity for re-invention of the individual. Liberal and libertine reductions of love to instant pleasure and non-commitment bite the dust as Badiou invokes a supporting cast of thinkers from Plato to Lacan via Karl Marx to create a new narrative of romance, relationships and sex – one that does not fear love.


Ian Shimkoviak said...

This one and Inter Nation turned out very fun. Great simple ideas well executed. So how does that work for the Lego guys? Do you have to get special permission? I always wonder about that. Like could I use some brand name toy on a cover and be fine with it?

Dan Mogford said...

Thanks Ian, it's a bit of a grey area to be honest – but the photographer sorted out the usage issues in this case.