Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Filthy English

Filthy English
The How, What & Why of Everyday Swearing
Peter Silverton, Portobello Books 2010

I love swearing I really bloody do. Lots of people don't of course – at least not in public – so I was amazed when my "this is what it should look like but nobody is ever going to sign that off" design for this book was snapped up and approved with barely a tweak. I couldn't quite believe that a publisher was happy to plaster a book's front cover with profanity (albeit barely censored profanity). Not only is the front cover a dirty collage of typographical swears but it makes no reference to either the book's actual title or author. Much respect then to Portobello Books, editor Philip Gwyn Jones and author Peter Silverton for going with this rather bold/crude/rude design. The finished product is printed on lovely uncoated card stock and the filth is debossed to reinforce the vintage letterpress style typography.

The last word on the subject though should probably go to Stephen Fry:

Or perhaps Malcolm Tucker: "Fuckity-bye!"


Ian Shimkoviak said...

Beautiful work Dan.
Lots of goodness with a cover like this:

No title on cover
letterpress (even though it's digital) is always nice
great colors
great concept

Jb said...

Or perhaps this swear bonanza from the Channel 4 ident:

nate s. said...

Saw this on the Casual Optimist. Lots to love about it!