Saturday, February 14, 2009


Publisher: Old Street Publishing, 2009
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Cynthia Lelague is a journalist by day and a vigilante, self-styled ‘F-woman’, by night, when she hunts down the sex criminals who terrorise the streets of Los Angeles. On apprehending them, she trusses them up and leaves them for the police to find. A single encounter with F-woman appears to be enough to prevent her victims from offending again.

F-woman becomes a popular heroine, the subject of frenzied adoration in the city of superstars. But the enigmatic Dr James Holocenter, chief psychiatrist at the L.A.P.D., is obsessed with bringing her to his – rather different – version of justice. A thrilling cat-and-mouse drama ensues, leading to a spectacular and hilarious climax.

F-Woman has been widely acclaimed in Europe, but, though written in English, has never before been published in the UK.
At once a compulsive page-turner, a spoof on the superhero genre and a ferocious critique of Hollywood, it remains a gloriously unpredictable, satirical masterpiece by one of the most original and versatile writers in the English language.

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